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Bartenders for Corporate Mixers & Holiday Events

Spectrum Event Services Seattle has recently been asked to provide portable bartending services for a variety of corporate mixers and holiday parties. These types of requests come in from time to time and we LOVE working them.

#viewfromthetop #viewfromthebar

#viewfromthetop #viewfromthebar


As you can see, this corporate recruiting mixer was held at an event center in downtown Seattle. Not only was it fun for our event bartenders to have a beautiful view, but the environment is fun, intimate and casual. The guest count for these types of corporate parties is usually around 40 – 60 people, so we can design fun and meaningful signature cocktails tied to the event theme to serve at our mobile bar setup. We like getting to know your fellow employees and have a chance to talk about your startup or non-profit organization.

Just last month we were hired to bartend a company softball party in Redmond. Unlike most of event venues, this was located outside in a park. An advantage of being a mobile bartending company is that we have the ability to conform our bar to the needs of your event. In this instance we were able to setup shop underneath a covered area in the park and rope off the bar area so we had a safe serving area for employees and guests.

 On the day of your mixer or holiday party, we'll bring our own 6ft bar table(s) w/ linens, have all the standard bartending tools on hand, napkins, tubs & coolers to chill your beverages, and we can even bring decorate the bar if there is a theme! We’re happy to feature your brand or marketing materials on our bar....and even make a special cocktail and name it after your company. Signature holiday cocktails are our jam….take a look at the blog we wrote, GREAT HOLIDAY THEMED COCKTAILS FOR YOUR PARTY.

Many company reps are in town briefly and need help buying supplies for the event. We offer a service where we can either order/pickup your alcohol & supplies OR have it delivered. Please ask us if you need help with this!

 You can contact Spectrum Event Services Seattle about your event needs on our website or call/text at 206-229-8713.