Wedding Bar For Newly Engaged Couples

Now that it's past/during engagement season, the newly engaged couple's in the Pacific Northwest's are searching to find wedding vendors of all types that fit in their budget.  We know the conversation about hiring a bartender will come up while you're making your decisions about wedding florists, photographers and caterers.  Catering companies may offer a bartender in addition to their services, and we know there are many great options to choose from.  In addition, we do advise getting a quote from a wedding bartending service, as we may be able to offer more services for less.    

And since we are in the midst of engagement season, it's a great time to list all of the services that provided when hiring Spectrum Events Mobile Bar.  When you hire Spectrum Events Mobile Bar as your wedding bartender you'll receive the following core services:

Core Services:

1.)  Bar Staff:

Licensed, experienced bartenders to serve your customers in a friendly and professional manner.  

2.) All tools/mobile bar/chilling tubs to make sure the bar is setup:

Openers, shakers, chill-tubs, and a 6-foot table w/ linen for bar service.  

3.) Menu Planning:

Help planning which type of beer/wine/alcohol to buy and where to buy for your wedding budget.  

4.) Alcohol Quantity Recommendations:

Using our Supplies Planning tool, you'll be able to budget your wedding bar menu.  

5.) Bussing/Cleaning:

We will clean up the bar area, pack up your supplies and even take it to your car.  If there is down time during our shift we will try our hardest to help clean the main reception area.    


Additional Services:

1.)  Coffee/Water Service: 

YES! We now provide coffee & tea service for your guests.  You can see price and information on our FAQ page.  

2.)  Event Staffing: 

Along with our bartenders, we're able to provide wait/cleanup staff on a limited basis.  Please inquire if interested.  

3.)  Ice Pickup/Delivery: 

We can pickup ice for your event!  We charge a $20 delivery fee + cost of ice.  

4.)  Wedding Website Design:

We can design a custom wedding website with gift-registration integration through various platforms such as The Knot, SquareSpace or Minted.  Please inquire for prices and packages.   

5.)  Key Bin/Tap Rental:

We rent keg-bins for your kegs at $5 per bin and taps at $10 per tap.  

6.)  Tastings & Bartender Training Classes:

For a $50, we hold an in-person tasting/drink consultation to help you plan for your wedding bar menu.   

7.)  Shopping Services:

For a delivery fee, mileage and reimbursement we can purchase your liquor, ice and mixers.  If you require keg delivery we will need to rent a vehicle, which we will require reimbursement for.