Terms & Conditions



Written quotes are valid for 30 days.  A date is not secure until a contract is signed. Depending on the season and event location, some items or services may not be available.


Payment may be collected in advance of event via check, cash, PayPal or Venmo. Deposits must be collected at time the contract is signed.  Final payment is due before/on event date. Some additions may be allowable, and may be subject to an additional charge including late stay after event end time or changes in drink menu. There will be no return on deposits for cancelled events.  


We understand that plans change; our cancellation policy is as follows:

If your event is cancelled sixty (60) days or more before your scheduled event your deposit will be refunded in full. If you cancel between sixty (60) and thirty (30) days of your scheduled event, you will receive 50% of your deposit.

Due to the time it takes to prepare for your event any cancellation made between thirty (30) days and fourteen (14) days prior to your scheduled event will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

Any cancellations within fourteen (14) days of your scheduled event will be subject to full charges.

If Spectrum Event Services Seattle is unable to perform any of its duties under contract due to fire, strikes, accidents, acts of God, acts of public authorities or events otherwise out of control of Spectrum Event Services Seattle, then all obligations of Spectrum Event Services Seattle under contract will be terminated. Customer will not receive a refund of monies paid. Services under contract may be transferred to a new contract and date if date is available.

  • All bartenders hired for Spectrum Event Services Seattle are licensed with a Class 12 permit in the state of Washington. This is a person that has taken a course and received a certificate required by the state of Washington in the legal and safe serving of alcohol. They are required by our company to be professionally dressed and are not allowed to consume alcohol while on the job.

  • Spectrum Event Services Seattle can cut off anyone at any time if they are deemed intoxicated beyond our liability. We will consult with the event manager/person in charge before doing so.

  • Spectrum Event Services Seattle reserves the right to ask for anyone’s ID at any time.

  • Spectrum Event Services Seattle has the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated to a level of liability against Spectrum Event Services Seattle.  Spectrum Event Services Seattle will not be liable for any loss or injury arising from a person’s negligence due to intoxication. Spectrum Event Services Seattle reserves the right to shut down the bar or hard drinks/alcohol if it determines the need to, and will confirm with the the event contact prior to doing so.

  • While taking shots with your friends can be fun, unfortunately it is against our strict policy to provide shots of alcohol to anyone at an event we are bartending.

  • Spectrum Event Services Seattle cannot allow self-service of alcohol during your event as it violates our insurance policy.

  • Spectrum Event Services Seattle will pack up all alcohol immediately after your event is over, and must secure it from your guests or hand it over to person in charge, thus removing liability from Spectrum Event Services.

Bar Rules